PROCOM Test equipment and Isolators

This page features only a small sample of the extensive range of the PROCpOM products, kindly visit the PROCOM web-site for more models.

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Wide-Band SWR-Analyser with built-in Signal Generator and Graphical Display
The PROCOM SWR 3000 is a microprocessor controlled, compact, all-in-one SWR-analyzer which covers the 30-2700 MHz band in one instrument! Logical instrument-operation on a menu-like basis provide for easy, simple and accurate control of antenna installations. Just enter the frequency parameters, push the button and the SWR-curve is shown on the display. It is also very easy to change the frequency parameters during measurements. Featuring a hold-function to facilitate analysis of the SWR, Rechargeable battery-pack with a built-in NPC (Negative Pulse Conditioning) charger to ensure optimum functionality of the battery pack and to prevent NiCad memory-effect. AC-adapter for 240 VAC included. The SWR 3000 is indispensable for making quality antenna installations and can easily run a full working day on a charged battery pack. Also on the higher bands.

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Single or Dual Isolator
The PROCOM PRO-IS-450-S, PRO-IS-450-D are medium power (150 Watt) single or dual isolators for 400-510 MHz. Other models available from 66 MHz up to 900 MHz. Isolators are used to protect a transmitter from reflected energy from another nearby transmitter. Featuring high frequency stability on temperature and power. The standard 35 W dummy-load can easily be interchanged to other values. The PROCOM Isolators are tunable within the specified frequency range and bandsegmented. The isolators are black coated to prevent corrosion.

Bi-directional Power Monitor
The PROCOM PRO-PM2-2/70 is a compact bi-directional power monitor for the frequency range 140 - 470 MHz, kindly specify the power range when ordering. The maximum power is 250 Watt which equates to 5 Volt DC on the TX FWD port. Other frequencies and transmit powers are available on request. The connectors are of the type "N" socket.

This PROCOM series of coaxial loads feature a very low SWR and are especially suitable for use with Power Hybrids, Isolators, Coaxial Transmission Lines, Power Monitors and Wattmeters. The surface of the dummy loads is black anodized and the connectors are of the type "N" socket. Also available as attenuator from 3 to 30 dB.

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