About PROIS.

PROIS is a acronym for "Professional Radio Option Interface Specifications", and specifies a group of MOTOROLA™ propriety software commands to control and interrogate a MOTOROLA radio. Communication with the radio is achieved by using the low-level software commands via the Serial Peripheral Interface Bus.The commands can be from a single Byte length for an acknowledge to 28 Bytes length  when writing "free-text" to the display of the radio, most commands to and from the radio are accompanied  by a checksum to detect data corruption.
For more detailed information on PROIS and the command-set, please contact your nearest Motorola representative.

Informative selection of the API commands are:

Option-board to Radio Radio to Option-Board
TX command Transmitter up and audio ready, Ack/Nack
RX command Valid signal received (CTCSS), RSSI, Ack/Nack
Hard-Channel change Current Channel, Ack/Nack
Soft-Channel, TX-power, Bandwidth Soft-Channel in use, Ack/Nack
Take full control of the Human interface PTT, key-press, hook-indication, Ack/Nack
Set/Reset Icon, LED or Backlight ack/Nack
"Free-text" on Display Ack/Nack
Full 5-tone control Ack/Nack

Some examples using PROIS:

Radio under Prois Control Radio under PROIS control

LED's controlled by PROIS

LED's + Icons Icons controlled by PROIS

Free-text Free-text with PROIS

The Alpha-numeric display provides the option of free-text with a maximum of 14 characters per line (depending on the model) a maximum of three lines of are available, and each line can be updated individually. The LED's and the Icons can be switched on or off individually.

PROIS connectors:

The Radio Option-Interface is found on most modern MOTOROLA™ radios, the hardware-interface is a 40 pin ZIF connector.

Portable Radio Prois Connector Portable Radio PROIS connector.

Mobile Radio Connector Mobile Radio PROIS connector.

The PROIS connector gives access to:

  • Flat transmit audio
  • Pre-emph.transmit audio
  • Flat receive audio
  • Microphone transmit audio
  • Pre-Mute receive audio
  • Serial Peripheral Interface Bus
  • 7.5 and 3.2 Volt power-supplies

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