Motorola PROIS Mobile Radio Option Board:

Mobile Interface board

The Professional Mobile Radio Interface Option Board was designed by Rotronix to enable remote control of a Motorola mobile radio, similair to Tait CCRI. A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with embedded in the memory of the microprocessor the proprietary software needed to utilize the Motorola™ Professional Radio Option Interface (PROIS) software. The option board has a TTL level RS232 communication bus to control the radio, e.g. set the radio in transmit mode, with or without CTCSS, on high or low transmit power etc, channel-change and feedback about channel status e.g. the radio is receiving a valid signal. The option board is connected to the radio via the internal 40-pin ZIF connector and a custom made flat-cable.

Software options:

  • MAP27 interface using PROIS software commands
  • Computer Controlled Radio Interface.

The Computer Controlled Radio Interface provides an easy way to control the radio trough an RS232 port. The MAP27 interface for MPT1327 radios utilizing the PROIS interface has a number of advantages over the standard MAP27 interface:

  • Simplified communications, (no CRC and hart-beat)
  • Free-text on display
  • Channel information, e.g. RSSI, Channel number etc.
  • Human-interface control, e.g. PTT and Menu control.
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PROIS option-board mounted in the radio lid. Option-board Mounting

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