LC828 Radio-Module

LC828 RF connector view

The LC828 Radio-Module is a modified MOTOROLA Professional Portable Radio, mounted in a rugged die-cast housing. The radio is controlled trough a Rotronix PROIS interface-board. A custom-made switch-mode power-supply provides an energy efficient operation input voltage from 11 to 35 Volts. Provision is made for additional option-boards, e.g. a multi-frequency CTCSS board.

LC828 main-connector view
    Additional features:
  • Adjustable Transmit hang timer.
  • Low battery voltage alarm utilizing a DTMF tone on the tail of the transmitter.
  • Special scan.
  • Adjustable Transmit hang timer.
  • Linking option.
  • One-wire TX/RX audio.
  • Flat TX/RX Audio (selectable)

    Front view of a 10 Channel VHF LC828 repeater
  • Stand-by current is 110 mA
  • TX power is 5 watt @ 1.2 Amp (13.8V)
  • Space is provided for a 25 watt Power Amplifier

    Rear view of a 10 channel VHF LC828 repeater
  • Featuring a PROCOM 2.1.MHz spacing duplexer capable of 150 Watt
  • specifically build for the Emergency-services band in New Zealand.

Side view of the 10 channel VHF LC828 repeater

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