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Procom Base Antenna Canterbury NZ
Rotronix has been involved with the PROCOM products for more than 20 years in Europe, New Zealand and Australia and we are fully committed to the PROCOM product-range because of the excellent quality. Procom is a Danish based international manufacturer of first class (state-of-the-art) antennas, filters and combiner equipment. Customers include police forces, fire-fighting brigades, defence forces, shipping trade, industry and other processionals with a need for wireless communication.

Rotronix now have offices in Australia and New Zealand to assist you with any inquiries and purchases of the PROCOM products.

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Product lines especially designed for defence units.

New defence product lines

Two new product lines especially designed for defence units.

2 dB Mobile SideFix Antenna for the 2500 MHz Band

SF 2402/...

2 dB Mobile SideFix Antenna for the 2500 MHz Band.

Product help

In PROCOMLAB you will find useful facts and technical information.

Embedded-Circuits, Software and Hardware-design

link to portable PROIS pageGet more information on Motorola Licensed developer (PDF file)link to Switch mode PSU page

LC828 radio-module

Link to LC828 radio page
  • Low current Transmit/receiver.
  • Input voltage from 11 to 35 Volt
  • designed for solar-sites
  • VHF model and UHF models
  • 5 Watt TX power
  • AS4592, FCC and EMC compliant.

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